When commissioning NIPO.PL to perform a branding project for the CEPA Forum Conference in Washington, we gave the agency guidelines that seemed difficult to reconcile: on the one hand, the identity should refer to the CEPA visual identity (also carried out by NIPO.PL), but on the other hand – it should be clearly different from it.

The agency cleverly proposed to keep the three elements that combined the graphic layer of the materials of the two brands: the typography of the CEPA, abbreviation repeatedly used in the name, the main graphic element, i.e. the map of the region, and the color palette. This resulted in the creation of a brand of the conference, which was instantly associated with the main brand of our think-tank by all participants and met with a lot of praise from companies from various industries.

We recommend NIPO.PL branding agency as a company that has designed both large and small visual media for the CEPA Forum Conference with great attention to detail.

Joanna Kędzierska


cepa_forum_sm3 cepa_forum_sm2