We offer our clients comprehensive ATL, BTL, interactive and social media support. We are happy to treat advertising campaigns as part of branding and comprehensively introduce new brands into the market; however, we create ads for existing brands, as well.
Our advertising and marketing offer includes the following types of projects:


We base our ATL advertising campaigns on creative and strategically strong concepts, great photos and illustrations and modern graphic design. We effectively translate the image and promotion of the brand onto various mediums, such as:
– press advertising
– billboards
– posters, city lights
– radio spots


We implement BTL projects in a comprehensive manner: from a concept and general sketch, to content architecture and layouts, to photo shoots and submission of the final materials for print, and optionally – print supervision, too. We prepare e.g.:
– catalogs and brochures
– leaflets and advertising brochures
– direct mailing

Custom publishing

We create consumer publications and magazines in a comprehensive manner: from the name of the magazine, to concept and general sketch, to layout, editorial work and DTP, to printing and distribution of the magazine. We prepare:
− internal magazines
– external magazines
– occasional publications
– multimedia and tablet versions of magazines


We drive our content and marketing activities well beyond the established printed advertising and take advantage of both tablet multimedia and the Web by creating:
– website designs
– social media
– online advertising campaigns
– online content marketing
– e-mailing
– multimedia publications for tablets