It is nice to be the headliner of a report on branding agencies. “Headliner” – yes; we can call ourselves so while reading the latest publication by

We express our opinions on multiple times in the report – on building a consistent brand image, on the most important elements of the organization of work on e.g. a new company logotype, and on “everything or nothing” brands. We called ourselves a headliner because our business card was put just below Bartłomiej Dwornik’s editorial. It looks great there and it pleasantly tickles our ego, too.

The report is published free of charge. You can download it in .pdf format from here: “ Report: Branding Agencies 2016”. It is worth reading – just look at the table of contents of the report. We recommend it not only because of the presence of NIPO.PL there, but primarily because it is a high-density pill of knowledge about how branding activities are evolving and how they are understood today.

Table of contents of “Branding agencies 2016”:

06 More than a logo… meaning what?
13 How to design a new brand and packaging from scratch?
18 Changes for good and bad, or the branding panta rei
24 Rebranding, or the brand’s clean slate
31 Small screens require minimalism
40 Branding does not only mean wrapping the brand in a glossy cellophane. It is much more