Will one of the most recognizable claims/ brand lines of the world, the Volkswagen’s “Das Auto.” become a victim of the “Dieselgate”?

Dieselgate, i.e. the scandal resulting from faked results of the emissions of harmful substances in TDI engines, strained the credibility of VW so much that the company has decided to get rid of the line that had accompanied its advertising materials since 2007 (and was the basis for the title of the VW custom publishing magazine – interestingly enough, issued in 14 local versions, but not in Polish).

As reported by Reuters, at the meeting of 2000 Volkswagen managers, a decision was made to say farewell to the claim “Das Auto.” and further simplify the advertising message. The decision was based on the assumption that the minimalist claim, which can be translated as “This is the car”, carries negative and arrogant associations given the circumstances. All in all, it’s true. It’s a pity, all the same.

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