We do not stick to just one system of work and we can adapt to the client’s needs. However, we prefer working in the Agile system:

proposals ˃ feedback ˃ subsequent proposals (which take into account the previous remarks)


This yields better results than the one-off preparation of a few proposals. There are a number of ways one can create names and the reception of proposal impacts that direction we take for subsequent proposals. Thus we can “learn” the project and are getting closer to the ideal name with each series of name proposals.

Such an approach gives the client one more advantage: an opportunity to test naming directions, which they can reject as dead ends during the performance of the works. For example, the brief can assume that the name shall use some industry-specific words, however, it may turn out during the works that these words sound bad with all the prefixes and suffixes that we are allowed to use. Or it may turn out that the word being the basis for the name is so overused that there is no possibility of registering it in any naming variant. Then, we can reboot the project in another series of name proposals and test other paths to create a satisfactory name.

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