“%” – is this the shortest name used in Poland? We are asking you because this is the name that we ourselves have created.

A used name means one that has been launched and used on a large scale in a commercially available product or offer. We know that one cannot exclude that the names of some website tabs may be equally short (they cannot be shorter) but we have not heard of anyone using a name as short as the name of this custom publishing magazine by Copernicus Group (if you know it, we would be happy to hear it) .

In the case we are writing about, the name consists of only one symbol, namely: %. In addition: it is logical. The Copernicus Group is an investment group that specializes, among others, in investment funds, brokerage services (the group includes e.g. a brokerage house), and financing activities for companies. These are the things for which a good % generated by the invested capital is the ultimate objective from the point of view of the clients of the group. Simple? Yes. And it seems to be working. What can you say? – we are the authors of the name.


 naming-1 naming-2