Branding for a thematic blog dedicated to alcohols, specializing in craft beers and the so-called “beers of the world”.

Lately we also realised brand strategy for WKRA Group; related to the creation of an online bookstore ( within the structure of the group, a sub-brand with a business offer (Business IQ) and a B2C sub-brand with a product range that went beyond books alone (Medioteka).

KPIERZY.PL branding in a nutshell:
Brief: simple, short name in Polish. Brand characteristics: neutral, mass market
Target: Internet users, beer industry
Client: startup
Year: 2012

Performed by NIPO.PL:
– name with a free .pl domain
– logo in several variants
– design of a beer mat

kiperzy-logo-5 kiperzy-logo-4 kiperzy-logo-3 kiperzy-logo-2 kiperzy-logo-1