Branding for a new electronic cigarettes company, dedicated to a wide group of less wealthy clients.

Brief: a brand communicated only to men (in opposition to the other “female” brand in the company portfolio). Brand characteristics: male, mass market
Target: mainstream, low and medium salary, mostly smaller cities
Client: New Smoke
Year: 2012

Performed by NIPO.PL:
– name with a free .pl domain
– “Dajemy popalić” claim (“We’ll smoke you out”)
– logotype
– visual identity (business cards, letterhead, envelopes)

packaging front packaging 2 logo branding

We just started with English website (in Poland, in business we are from 2007), but we honestly admit, that we have our suggested minimum prices:


Pricing depends on the number of proposals after which the name is accepted and the free domain requirements. The prices, including the transfer of the copyright, start at 2,000 USD for an accepted name.


The cost estimate for branding depends on the number of image elements. It is possible to order e.g. only a name and logo or alternatively – two, three, or even more selected elements, instead. The costs of the package consisting of a name, claim, logo, business card and headed paper starts at  8,000 USD.


We prepare a cost estimate for the works on the basis of the audit, having determined the scope of rebranding. In some cases, it is sufficient to refresh the logo and create a claim for the existing name of the brand. Other cases require full rebranding, from a complete change of the name to creation of a new visual identity. The costs depend on the agreed scope of the rebranding works.


In the initial stage of the project, we present at least 3 logo proposals. Typically, we make it possible to implement two series of amendments for the logos. The price for such a project is 3,000 USD, including the transfer of all the rights (for comprehensive branding, the amount is negotiable). If you wish a greater number of logo proposals and amendments, you are welcome to negotiate with us.

Visual Identity

A basic visual identity package containing logotype, business card, headed paper, envelope and CD designs costs approx. 5,000 USD. Packages containing more elements are priced on an individual basis after talking to the client about their expectations.