Cynical rouge and lubricious creature? As elegant as a swan and sharp as a razor? A sadist, monster and aesthete all in one? Yes, yes, it all adds up: vernacular.

Advertisement – concrete and without adulation. Polish presented as a language that is colorful, concrete, melodious, and sometime sharp, God forbid – patronizingly lengthy and dull. This is a language that has many faces and is rich in words and expressions. We have a great language, no doubt. And this is what Eldo raps about in the spot Ojczysty – dodaj do ulubionych (Vernacular – add to your favorites).

A very wise, spot-on campaign of the National Centre of Culture. Fresh, honest, without martyrdom and pompous little nightmares. As simple as that: ready to teach non-obvious words, instead of giving sanctimonious harangue on what one should and shouldn’t say. It’s worth sharing.

Social campaign: Ojczysty – dodaj do ulubionych (Vernacular – add to your favorites)
Client: The National Centre of Culture
Animation director: Michał Socha (BrosFX)
Animation: Michał Socha, Kuba Socha, Bartek Socha (BrosFX)
Production: Karolina Gonta NCK
Music: Eldo, Damian Szarek “Fawola”
Time: 00:00:45
Year: 2014