A cow stealing a UFO, singing gummy candy, and a kid hit with a dropping from a flying cotton floss. Totally crazy.

A series of three completely insane commercials for Fandangles ice cream. The commercials about a cow, aliens, flying cotton floss, singing candy and… yes, yes – for a moment also about humans.

The execution is colorful, dynamic and brilliant; but that is not the biggest advantage here. The strength of the commercials is purely wacky humor, based on some fairly simple but still amusing gags. A wonderful example of how much you can squeeze into 15 seconds of film.


Directing: Alex Grigg
Production: Fi Patterson
Realisation: Alex Grigg, Vincent Sousa, Jason Pamment, Greg Petchkovsky, Akhil Mittal, Alex Toufali, Duncan Maclaren, Michael Singca, Chris Jones
Music: Vincent Sousa, Nylon
Time: 3 x 15 sekund
Year: 2014