Marketing “continuation” of the Gortat’s interview with Shaq and a great advertisement of a Polish restaurant.

Do you remember? After Marcin Gortat’s sensational match, Shaquille O’Neal, the legend of the NBA, asks “the Polish Hammer” about whether pierogi are sausages or dumplings. Gortat responds that “pierogi” are “pierogi”. You can see the interview here:

This would be the end of the “pierogi” topic, had it not been for the reflex of one of Polish restaurants in Atlanta, which jumped on the bandwagon and brought Shaq pierogi to his studio. You can see them enter the studio and give away Polish food and beer (btw Okocim, or O.K. Beer) here:

What can you say – quick reflexes are the basis. Let’s add that the TNT television has been broadcasting in the USA since 1988 and is seated in Atlanta.