This one word combines two things: an idea and a place. Namely: “to love” and “Hawaii”.

Yes, we know that our name is considered strange in Poland and to some, it is even “suggestive”. We have chosen it mainly because it is short and melodic. This does not mean, however, there is no idea behind it. On the contrary, the idea is casual and likable, but also – looking at the words literally – “exciting”.


In Hawaiian, Nipo means “to desire, love, miss”. Three very strong feelings that probably every brand would like to evoke in their clients. And since the idea of lying and “sun-bathing” in Hawaii is what we are longing for (especially in winter evenings in Warsaw), then… it is quite nice.

But there is something else. In Hawaii, the word “Nipo” is synonymous with words such as “aloha” and “mahamaha”. You certainly know the song “Hakuna Matata” from The Lion King. This is a loose connotation, but… phonetically close enough, right? So don’t worry – we’ll make a great brand for you. Hakuna matata!

Illustrations:  “The Lion King” press pack
Directors: Rob Minkoff, Roger Allers
Year: 1994