Another presentation of ours; this time including a summary of the rebranding of the US think tank: The Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA).

CEPA is an independent think tank located in Washington. It specializes in the political, economic and military issues – in relation to our part of Europe. It organizes events, conferences, and briefings and develops reports – some publicly available, others prepared at the request of the US Congress. And we have the satisfaction of having performed a very extensive and comprehensive rebranding for  the Center for European Policy Analysis.

Brief: formal and official style. International communication. The visual identity must preserve the theme based on the map of Europe and use colors similar to the colors present in the CEPA’s earlier visual identity.
Target: politicians, the media, and sponsors.
Client: The Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA).
Years: 2015/2016.

Performance by NIPO.PL (short version):
– logo and brand book,
– visual identity,
– BTL materials,
– POS mediums,
– Website layout.

Important: for the CEPA think tank, we have also performed the branding of the annual CEPA Forum conference, whose summary can be seen here: CEPA Forum.

The presentation (only in Polish for now, but we promise to make this right) in .pdf format (9.70 MB) can be downloaded by clicking on the following illustration:

CEPA rebranding (2)