Foundation. Good creative work always starts with a good brief. When we know exactly which group our name, brand or visual identity is aimed at, we also know what vocabulary, mood, and character we should use to create its new image.

We are happy to advise you on completing these briefs. We often exchange comments and information about the project with the clients on such occasions. It is a really good starting point.

Branding/rebranding brief

The widest scope of work, and thus – the most comprehensive brief. In addition to the standard elements (objectives, target group, the scope of work), contained also in the previously described briefs, here it is important to describe – as accurately as possible – the place where the brand is now and where it wants to be after the completion of our branding or rebranding project. Or to put it differently: in order to know how to achieve the change, we need to know the final effect on the image that we want to produce through this change.

Logo/visual identity brief

In addition to an exact description of the target group, the brief used for the brand’s visual elements also asks about technical issues needed e.g. to preserve the character of the brand or match the existing group of related brands (e.g. we are to design a logo for a new product that must be consistent with the logos of other products belonging to the same group of services).

Naming brief

It is clearly different from the briefs used for other advertising media. The difference results from the very short final message – often in the form of a single word. A name only occasionally or partially carries the substantive message about the brand; more frequently, it evokes certain associations or emotions. What associations and what vocabulary to use in order to achieve this goal? These are the very guidelines we are looking for while completing this kind of brief.